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Chromas began it's musical journey in 2015, when choristers around Istanbul joined under the artistic direction of conductor BaşakDoğan, a masters student of choral conducting at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.  Since then, the choir has developed quite a colorful personality and repertoire. Chromas, which means "colors," is comprised of members hailing from various cities, universities, backgrounds, and walks of life. In fact, the only thing they all have in common is that none hold a degree in music! Nonetheless, this polyphony of experiences adds to the unique color of the choir.  

Chromas believes that every performance is unique and special to the moment in which it is given, as their experiences have proven time and again. They have also proven that concerts can happen anywhere, not only in the traditional concert hall setting. The choir has a reputation for singing everywhere: on an inter-continental ferry along the Bosphorus, in a historical hammam, against the backdrop of Turkey's most iconic sites, and in many cities including Antalya, Izmir, Ayvalık, Istanbul, and towns throughout France.

Chromas was the first choir from Turkey to ever be accepted to the Choralies Choral Festival, a traditional festival that has been held in France for over 60 years. At Choralies, they were chosen to give two concerts at the festival. Performing on the international stage, both at the festival and at concerts throughout Southern France, has given Chromas the honor of representing Turkey at the highest level. Audiences of people from around the world were moved to tears and responded with applause and messages of, "That was beautiful! You must treasure your country!"


The choir hones its musical skills by not only preparing for and giving performances, but also by improvising and interaction throughout the course of these performances. In doing so, they involve the audience in a way that allows everyone to be part of the live music-making process!  


Aside from involving the audience in their performances, Chromas is also very involved with the community. Their biggest ongoing project for the past year has been Zeytin Çekirdekleri ("Olive Seeds").  This program brings together children from villages so that they have the chance to train in sports, music, and other skills.It's so encouraging to see one generation of choristers raising another, and thanks to the work of Chromas with this project, kids who wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to sing in a choir are now making music part of their future dreams!

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