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In Africa, the drum speaks! 

In Africa, specifically in the Gulf of Guinea, the drum is the instrument king. It is the center of the instrumental arrangement accompanying dances and is also equipped with a communication mediating function. It is called speaker drum and has in this case, its own language that this seminar will attempt to elucidate. In his role as communicator, this drum, great spokesman of the chiefdom and families, real mysterious phone, talks to people, by the power of its resonance. In a combination of theory and practice, we will illustrate the mechanism of how this drum language, a real means of communication alongside verbal language, is used in traditional societies. This new language that the world will discover in Barcelona, will not only be a contribution of Africa to the development of music in the world, but above all, the opportunity of a deep human adventure, with songs and dances that participants will experiment with great joy. The sound of drums, songs and dances of the different movements symbolize the union and are carrier colors and a message of peace.

Sylvain Kwami GAMETI Former conductor of the choir of the University of Lomé from 1996 to 2003, condoctor of the National Choir of Togo since 2009 and current condoctor of the African Youth Choir, a member of the boards of the Confederation of African Music Choir (CMAC) and the International Movement A Coeur Joie International (ACJI). He is also President of the Togolese Association of Choir Music Composers and Music teachers and Director of the Institute of Music Choir at Lomé in Togo where he teaches choral conducting and African music. For 6 years he organizes training in choral conducting and choral festivals in major cities of Togo. In his formative career, he had to lead choral conducting workshops and harmonization of African traditional songs especially in Congo Brazzaville, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon and Benin. With his choirs he conducted concert tours in France and Spain, and participated in choral festivals in several countries. In August 2014, he took the leadership of the African Youth Choir at the 10th World Symposium on Choral Music in Seoul, Korea. This summer, he went to Choralies of Vaison-La-Romaine with this choir. Currently he oversees twenty students on a research project on the Togolese music-collecting traditional and folk songs. Professor of ChoralPractice at the University of Lomé, Sylvain is also a composer of great renown.

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