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                          COR VIVALDI

                     PETITS CANTORS DE CATALUNYA

Created in 1989 by the pianist and choir director Òscar Boada, Cor Vivaldi has become a reference throughout Spain. It’s renowned performance level has allowed Vivaldi Choir to act in the most prestigious international festivals and the most outstanding halls in Europe, Argentina and United States, winning important prizes in many international competitions as well. From 2002, the Vivaldi Choir organizes its own concerts cycle offering a different concert on every season of the year and participates regularly in the opera season at Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona.


In occasion of the Choir’s cycles, many absolute premières have been performed as the Choir commissions national composers every year to create new pieces for the Choir. A pionier in children´s opera performances in our country, Cor Vivaldi has performed several operas for children:

- Tom Sawyer by J.Elkus (1989)

- Chip and his dog by G.C.Menotti (1990) (2015)

- La Flor by R.Lamotte Grignon (1990)

- The Golden Vanity by B.Britten (1994,2000 and 2011)

- Els cinc dits de la mà by A. García Demestres (2002) (2014)

- El mercader de somnis by S. Brotons

- Carmen Posadas (2005)


From 2003 Vivaldi Choir regularly collaborates with Gran Teatre del Liceu. Furthermore, Cor Vivaldi has participated in films from Almodovar, Balagueró, Llompart and Aibar:

- Pedro Almodóvar’s: "La mala educación"

- Jaume Balgueró’s: "Fragile"

- Jordi Llompart’s: "Viatge màgic a l´Àfrica".

- Oscar Aibar's: "El Bosc".


Thay have recorded more than 30 CDs ns DVDs.

ÒSCAR BOADA, conductor

Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music in choral conducting. He studied underdistinguished piano maestros who impelled him to pay a special attention to sonority as awhole. In the choral direction field, he followed courses with Manel Cabero, Àngel Recasens, Pierre Cao and Michel Corboz, but his main learning process took place as the accompanist of the Orfeó Català choir during more than thirteen years with maestros Simon Johnson and Jordi Casas, as well as all the other great orchestra conductors with whom he had the oportunity to work with (Comissiona, Mehta, Mas, Kord, Heltay, etc...).


He followed, too, orchestral direction courses with George Hurst and Michael Rose in Canford, England. Special mention in 1999 Premi Ciutat de Barcelona, he won the composition contest Premi Reus for children's voices and was awarded, too, in the I Concorso Internazionale "Marielle Ventre" per direttori di Coro. Has been a member of the jury in Festival Internacional de Música de Cantonigròs, Calella, Torrevieja, Linz (Austria), Tours (Françe). Known as one of the most important specialist in female and children’s voices and author of different methodes for teaching music in the school, soften required to take part in lectures, adjudications and choral courses.


With the Cor Vivaldi, has toured extensively in Europe as well as in Argentina and the USA always with great success of public and critics. He likes to say to whom may want to listen, that Cor Vivaldi is the great simphony of his life as it was for Professor Holland in the film by Richard Dreyfuss.

Cor Vivaldi
Stabat Mater de Demestres
Palau de la Música Catalana 2014
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