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coro adicora

The ADICORA Choir is composed by 45 conductors associated with the Choir Conductors Association of the Argentine Republic, founded in the city of Cordoba in 2003, which has members and subsidiaries throughout the country.

The repertoire chosen for its performances in the Circle Concerts Program of the World Symposium on Choral Music - Barcelona 2017, is a tour through Argentine choral music. Works by Alberto Ginastera, Luis Gianneo, Roberto Caamaño, Carlos Guastavino, Fernando Moruja, Julio Viera, Gustavo Cuchi Leguizamón - in his birth’s centenary- a composer from the province of Salta, who extended the borders of rhythms like “zamba” and “chacarera”, and harmonizations on folkloric and popular themes by Hugo de la Vega, Eduardo Ferraudi and other outstanding arrangers.

This concert program was prepared with the support of ADICORA's Honorary Advisory Council, in which the most outstanding teachers collaborate with the institution whenever the authorities require it. Also, some of these teachers conduct the rehearsals that take place in Buenos Aires on the occasion of the Annual Assembly of ADICORA. By decision of choir members, the participant conductors will take turns to conduct each one a piece in the concerts of this tour.

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