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ANNA ROQUÉ, conductor

You have just entered the magical world of gospel. We are the oldest gospel choir in Spain and our experience has led us to be able to convey gospel in its purest form- from the heart, authentically, without barriers, and in abundance.

Our journey began in the 1987-1988 season and it has brought us here. Since then, we have continued moving, we have continued growing in every way... We began with 15 singers and now there are eighty of us. Before we had to explain what we were singing. Now, no words are needed, everything is explained through feelings. This evolution has created challenges that have led us to seek the pure source of gospel and find its essence, working with a contemporary repertoire that is at the forefront of renowned choirs from the USA.

Why gospel?

"Gospel music has a kind of magic that takes you to a superior state. Gospel has a sense of transcendence; it directly connects the person who sings and the person who listens with his own God, his own soul. Gospel connects with the heart; it gives peace, joy, and hope. When you sing and listen to gospel, you feel complete; it’s a massage for the soul. We are a special group which has achieved that more than 100 people have the same feeling and vibrate in the same chord. This gives the group a strength which is transferred directly to the audience and a multiplying effect is produced which maximizes this strength." There is no doubt, Carlit Gospel Choir moves souls. Souls that sing, souls that listen, and that is why we want gospel music to reach as many people as possible in all areas and all over the world to vibrate and enjoy this sound.

We have been singing gospel for 28 years... and we are just getting started!



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