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The Danish vocal ensemble Dopplers was founded by the musical leader Astrid Vang-Pedersen in 2009 and has developed a unique performance style including audience participation and a conscious utilization of performance spaces. Today Dopplers is an ensemble of 13 vocal artists, including their musical leader. Dopplers performs acoustically or with micro porters, depending on venue size and style. The Danish vocal ensemble Dopplers strives to make every concert a communicative experience, focusing on their ability to interact with each other as well as the audience. Dopplers’ a cappella style includes Nordic, African and Middle-Eastern sounds, as well as improvisation, circle songs and original pieces written by members of the group.


Experiencing Dopplers “Dopplers focused on individual voices, drama and acting and created a complete show – thought provoking and refined” – Randers Paper, August 2012 A compelling characteristic of Dopplers is the imaginative adaptation of their music as they recognize that every performance is as much a visual experience as it is an audible one. Dopplers has performed in churches, concert halls and at private functions. Highlights include the participation in the choir competition at Aarhus Vocal Festival where the group was awarded the prize for “Most Innovative Performance” as well as the second prize in the category.


In August Dopplers was fortunate enough to be the warm-up act for the internationally recognized vocal ensembles The Real Group and Rajaton and their combined ensemble LevelEleven on Åland in Finland after a 5-day workshop with both groups. In January 2015 Dopplers released their first EP with music composed and/or arranged by members of the group. The final EP-track features artists Katarina Henryson and Anders Edenroth, both from The Real Group. The EP is available on iTunes or Spotify and can also be purchased online at . Dopplers seeks to be an innovative vocal ensemble that explores and challenges the conventions of the traditional concert form and the possibilities of the vocal medium. The goal is to create authentic and relevant concerts, and also to use the medium of music and performance to point to general human aspirations, hopes and challenges that may inspire and lead to action!  

ASTRID VANG-PEDERSEN, artistic leader

Astrid Vang-Pedersen is the artistic leader of two vocal ensembles, Dopplers ( & Papaya (, both performing concerts with an emphasis on theatrical and communicative aspects of vocal music.


She is also a composer, having premiered her first theatrical music contribution in 2012, for the performance “The Pact” on internationally acclaimed Danish writer Karen Blixen. Astrid graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2008 with a degree in ensemble conducting. Astrid is working on her PhD on ‘Concert Design’, which covers the process of conceptualizing and producing staged concert events. Her newly developed Concert Design Concept consists of 6 Concert Design Principles that are guiding tools applied in the creative design process providing inspiration, shared terminologies and methods of reflection to the process.


Additionally Astrid works as a freelance teacher facilitating master-classes and workshops on choral conducting and concert design, in her home country Denmark, as well as abroad. In 2014-2015 Astrid presented lectures at ‘Oistat’ Conference in Brazil, at ‘Europa Cantat’ in Hungary and at ‘EuroVox’ in Riga.




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