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Let’s talk digital: what the new media can do for your choir

The musical landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. Live choirs now compete with online music videos, and it is becoming increasingly challenging to attract both choral singers to choirs and audiences to concerts.


How can you maximize your choir’s online presence to take advantage of the opportunities that digital media offer?


Grant Hutchinson, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Choral Federation will explain some of the current trends in the musical digital world and discuss discuss a range of topics:


  • Designing and optimising your choir’s website

  • Making a splash with social media

  • How YouTube is driving innovation

  • eNewsletters

  • Finding choral music and other resources for choral musicians online

  • Live-streaming performances

  • Virtual choirs and the use of digital media in live performances

  • The digital music stand and other innovations


Where is your own choir currently placed in the digital media spectrum? At this interactive session, you will receive many useful tools for developing a new digital strategy for your choir or choral association.

Grant Hutchinson, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Choral Federation since 2008, is passionate about choral music.  A science and marketing graduate, he has honed his skills in business administration while also taking an active role in choral direction in both South Africa and New Zealand.

Grant successfully uses digital media promote choral membership and to grow and strengthen audience numbers, as well as communicate with the Federation’s members. He enjoys sharing his experience and assisting choirs to expand their audiences through the wide (and sometimes bewildering) range of digital media.


A regular organ recitalist, Grant is a Fellow of Trinity College (London) and was until recently Music Director of the Jubilate Singers chamber choir in Christchurch, New Zealand. Grant is a past regional Chair of the Royal School of Church Music and is currently a choral advisor to the IFCM’s Asia Pacific Council.

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