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More than the music all the other things children's choir directors need to know​​​ 

Children’s choirs in the 21st century have the great fun and opportunity to sing in all sorts of wonderful places. In this lecture, Lyn will draw on more than 25 years’ experience in preparing Australia’s finest Children’s Choirs to sing at a professional level in a large variety of situations.


Through entertaining anecdotes with photos, recordings and video footage, Lyn will provide a checklist of things to watch and listen for in all possible performance situations. The audience will also be asked to share their experiences and advice, creating a forum of experiences for all to share.


In a broad ranging presentation, Lyn will examine how to best prepare a children’s chorus to sing with a symphony orchestra, for classical and commercial recordings, radio and television broadcasts, opera, indoor and outdoor performances and major events.

The discussion will also cover how to keep your choristers healthy, happy, safe and performing at their best on national and international tours.


This presentation requires audio visual equipment with the ability to play power point from a Mac computer.

There are no live performers in the presentation.

Lyn Williams OAM is Australia’s leading director of choirs for young people, having founded the internationally renowned organization Gondwana Choirs including the Sydney Children’s Choir and the national children’s choir, Gondwana Voices. Under her inspirational leadership, the Gondwana Choirs organisation has grown to include 22 ensembles of the Sydney Children’s Choir, six Gondwana National Choirs, Gondwana Composer School and Conducting Academy, and the Gondwana National Indigenous Children’s Choir. Lyn Williams’ exceptional skill in working with young people is recognised internationally for its high artistic quality and ground-breaking innovation.

Lyn has conducted many major professional choirs and orchestras in Australia, including the Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian Youth Orchestra and Sydney Philharmonia Choirs. She has been Music Director and Conductor for a number of major events including the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

In January 2004, Lyn Williams was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in recognition of her services to the Arts as Founder & Director of Gondwana Choirs.  Gondwana Choirs holds the APRA/AMCOS award for Excellence by an Organisation for its 2014 Artistic Program and significant contribution to Australian music since 1989.

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