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An Official agreement was signed on 20th October 2014 stating that Barcelona will host the next World Symposium on Choral Music in 2017.


The FCEC is working together with IFCM in the organization of the 11th WSCM. The symposium's theme is "The colors of peace." The colors symbolize the pluralism of international choral life in building a peaceful world. The symposium aims to offer us a new opportunity to work together to carry out this noble objective.


International Federation for Choral Music is an international association founded in 1982 to facilitate communication and exchange between choral musicians throughout the world. IFCM has around 900 members from all continents. The members are individuals, choirs, organisations or companies. Through the organisations and choirs IFCM plays a role in choral music and choral events in the world. On the International Music Council of the UNESCO IFCM is the official representative of choral music.


The Catalan Federation of Choirs was founded in 1982 with the essential purpose to promote and coordinate the activities of the federated choirs (over 500), advising and directing choirs members and promoting new ones. Member of the IFCM and Europa Cantat, FCEC has a long experience in the international choral world and each year organizes the International Choir Festival in Barcelona, which already has 50 editions.

The organisation of the Symposium falls under two committees:

The Executive Committee

Michael J. Anderson (USA)    Håkan Wickström (Finlàndia)    Francesco Leonardi (Italy)

                   IFCM                                            IFCM                                              IFCM 

 Montserrat Cadevall (CAT)              Lluís Gómez (CAT)                    Josep Antonio (CAT)

                    FCEC                                             FCEC                                               FCEC

The Artistic Committee

Ana Maria Raga (Veneçuela)        Ko Matsushita (Japó)          Junita van Dijk (Sud Àfrica)         Philip Brunelle (USA)

                   IFCM                                            IFCM                                           IFCM                                           IFCM

    Xavier Baulies (CAT)              Raimon Romaní (CAT)                  Josep Vila (CAT)

                 FCEC                                            FCEC                                            FCEC


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