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The VOCES8 Method by Paul Smith

Paul Smith is the co-founder of VOCES8, CEO of the VCM Foundation and author of the VOCES8 Method.  He has presented talks on the VOCES8 Method all over the world, including at the ACDA National Convention in Salt Lake City, 2015, the International Symposium in Budapest, a TEDx presentation in 2014, at in Dortmund, the ABCD Conference in Oxford and the National Music Education Expo at the Barbican, London.


More than 175,000 people have now taken part in the VOCES8 Method, and it is used regularly in thousands of schools around the world.  The Method, published by Edition Peters, has been translated into French and German and is currently being translated into Chinese and Japanese.The Method is designed to link specific music-making activities with academic improvement in numeracy, literacy and linguistics.


Paul will lead an interactive session with the audience, taking them on a journey which allows them to:


  • learn from a new Method which has proven international results

  • experience the VOCES8 Method as participants

  • understand the concepts behind the original idea

  • gain an understanding of how this can be used in a wide variety of choral settings

  • see how the concepts can be linked to a wide range of musical repertoire

  • be a part of music making which feels simple but becomes increasingly complex

  • have fun!

Paul Smith is an innovative and creative performer, an inspirational educator and an empowering public speaker. As CEO of the VCM Foundation, co-founder of VOCES8 and author of The VOCES8 Method and Pas de Deux he has enjoyed a decade of work including global travel to prestigious concert venues, schools and universities. Since its inception in 2007 the VCM Foundation has worked with more than 250,000 young people around the world, and now has its home at The Gresham Centre in London.

Paul is passionate about the impact singing and the arts can have in the widest possible context - from academic improvement to social skills and building more cohesive communities. He uses that passion to design and deliver unique, inclusive and uplifting performance projects.


The VOCES8 Method, written by Paul, is published by Edition Peters in four languages, and is now being used in thousands of schools in nine countries. The Method is designed to link specific music-making activities with academic improvement in numeracy, literacy and linguistics.Paul has been singing for nearly 25 years, first as a boy chorister with the choir of Westminster Abbey, and, since 2005 with the group he co-founded with his brother, VOCES8. As a recording artist with Decca Classics, Paul has featured on best-selling, chart-topping albums and won a host of international awards.Paul is delighted to be an ambassador for Edition Peters, as well as a board member of the 21st Century Musician programme at DePauw University, Indiana, and member of the artistic advisory board for the Internationales Kinder- und Jugendchorzentrum in Hannover, Germany.

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