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The Sonux Ensemble is a young men's choir from Northern Germany, made up of the tenors and basses of the Chorknaben Uetersen. Their programs feature Renaissance, Baroque, and modern compositions, as well as titles from jazz, pop, and cross over repertoires. A special focus is the performance of contemporary works: commissioned musicians, the close collaboration with composers play a vital role in this endeavor.


The choir chose its new name, Sonux Ensemble, in spring 2013. The term "Sonux" is a hybrid between the Latin words "sonus" (sound) and "lux" (light). The ensemble has already achieved a number of note worthy results under the name "Männer stimmen der Chorknaben Uetersen" over the last few years: the singers won first prize at the sixth edition of the Deutscher Chor wettbewerb in 2002, and in 2005 the choir was one of five ensembles that were selected world-wide to take part in the Internationaler Kammerchor wettbewerb at Markoberdorf, where it was ranked as "international: very good". In 2007, the men's voices sang themselves to a first prize at the choir festival "Schleswig- Holstein singt" at Gut Salzau. At the Chor fest des Deutschen Chorverbandes in 2008, the ensemble was awarded first prize not only in the category "Romantik A," but also for the best interpretation of a folksong.


Together with the chamber choir I Vocalisti, which also sings under the direction of Hans-Joachim Lustig, the ensemble gave a greatly acclaimed concert under the direction of the American composer and conductor Eric Whitacre in 2010. Stylistic open-mindedess is particularly important to the young singers and their director. 


Hans-Joachim Lustig is the founder and director of I Vocalisti. He studied music education and works as a freelance choir director/conductor. In 1994/95 he was a fellow of the German Music Council.


He leads national and international choral conducting seminars and he is the conductor of the choir boys Uetersen. With this male choir, he won the 6th German Choir Competition and the National Prize in 2002.


He also serves as a juror at choir competitions and as a guest conductor invited, among others, from the Belgrade Radio Choir, the Philharmonia Chorus London and the Ankara State Choir.




"Light, my light", Vytautas Miškinis and other works 

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