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Tuesday 25 July

12:30h – ESMUC (aula A347) - Publishers


        Rehearsal (in love) again

Marcos Castán gathers awards and experience as a singer or director of courses, events and choral groups (e.g. European Academy for Young Choral Conductors or the Coro Nacional Joven de la Confederación Coral Española). Castán does not hesitate at directing groups of any kind: children or beyond adult hood; professionals or new bie’s. He plays with the mall, and wit hall of them makes each rehearsal a show that precedes the real show. It is about having fun and teaching, leaving a wise after taste in the vocal cords. Marcos is an exceptional pedagogue, side of his that he develops also in activities such as the creation and presentation of programs in Radio Clásica (RNE) or his work as a teacher in the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Segovia Choir. The composing vein is realized in assignments (for KEA, Comunidad de Madrid or the Fundación Canal) and awards (such as the "Ciudad de La Laguna", "Amadeus" or the "Magerit"). Singerhood is the answer to one of his many "we've got to do something". Something that allows him to teach, to support choirs, to drive and empower composers… And having fun. Who's buying?

12:30h – ESMUC (aula A348) - Institutional

FCEC – Federació Catalana d’Entitats Corals (Catalonia)

Presentation of FCEC

12:30h – UPF – CAMPUS CIUTADELLA – (Sala 13.007) – Choral Activities

COREARTE (Catalonia)

Corearte Festival Experience

Our presentation will try to expose our particular vision, our history and what we do, at the same time will try to explain of what sets us apart from other choral festivals.


Corearte is a cultural organization with its headquarters in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, Spain. Since 2007, Corearte has annually promoted the Barcelona Corearte International Festival, an international event, in which choirs from the USA, Romania, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, Norway, Greece, Russia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Iceland, Brazil and Catalonia have participated.


Weal so hold different Festivals in other parts of the world, such as Tenerife (Spain), Lyon (France), Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Cordoba (Argentina), Medellin (Colombia), etc.

12:30h – UPF - CAMPUS CIUTADELLA – (Sala 40.S02) – Choral Activities


Bringing your choir to the USA

14:30h – ESMUC SALA D’ORQUESTRA – Choral Activities


Past, Present and Future of Choral Music in China

Although there are examples in south China of traditional polyphonic vocal music supposedly more than 2,000 years old, choral music following the western classical harmony standards has a short history of less than 100 years in China. After a short historical overview, the presentation will mainly focus in choral music based on Chinese choral folk songs from different cultures and on contemporary choral compositions by Chinese and Foreigner composers, that settle the current trends in Chinese choral music. With Shanghai having currently more than 3,000 choirs, the complexity of the current choral environment in China is also introduced, including examples of cross-cultural influence and the introduction of Western Choral Music in the cosmopolitan Shanghai. The presentation will be accompanied by a live performance of few examples sung by the Shanghai Youth Choir, as well as numerous examples of recordings and videos of the topics introduced.



Wang Jin, Born into a musical family of Chinese Opera composers and musicologists, Wang Jin began to play the piano at the age of six. Sheobtainedherbachelor’s degree in choral conducting at the China Conservatory of Music under Professor Wu Lingfen and received her master’s degree in choral conducting at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music under Professor Ma Geshun. Later she studied with Professor Peter Erdei and Professor Eva Rozgonyi in Hungary and with Dr. Betsy Cook Weber in Houston-TX. Wang Jin founded Shanghai BG Choir (2005) and was a founding member of The Shanghai International Festival Chorus-IFC (2003) and the Shanghai International Choral League-SICL (2011). Currently, Wang Jin has been a lecturer and jury member of several national and international choral competitions, an Associate Professor of Choral Conducting at Shanghai Normal University's Music College and lecturer at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She has been the artistic director and conductor of the Shanghai Opera Chorus, the Wen Zhou Great Theater Philharmonic Choir as well as Shanghai BG choir. She also is a board member of the China Chorus Association, and Vice-President of the Shanghai Choral Association.


Jordi B. Paradis, born into a musical family with a grandfather who was a luthier and parents who were experienced lifetime singers, Jordi started to sing in a children's choir at the age of three. Apart from his Ph.D. in Chemistry and an MBA, Jordi studied Harmony, Piano and Vocal from the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona and studying conducting with M. Cabero at the FCEC training courses.Jordi has more than 40 years of choral experience as a member of several amateur and semi-professional choirs in Spain and China, singing also as soloist (e.g. main baritone solos at Haydn's Creation and Faure's Requiem and minor ones at Wagner's Lohengrin) and being selected for the 3rd & 4th World Youth Choir editions. Jordi has also been invited as an international competition jury member (BICF’13-Indonesia) as well as a conductor of several choirs in Spain and China, such as Shanghai Baroque Singers, BG Chamber Choir and founding member, President and rehearsal conductor of SICL-Shanghai International Choral League project (2011), together with his wife Wang Jin.

14:30h – ESMUC (aula A347) - Publishers


La voz latina. Choral music from Latin America

Choral directors are increasingly discovering the varied and vibrant music of Latin America. After Scandinavia and the Baltic, this music deserves to become the next new and exciting theme for choirs. With the two volumes of La vozlatina, Edition Peters presents a comprehensive introduction to Latin American choral music.

La vozlatina contains a wide variety of music from across Latin America: music which demonstrates the three main influences – the music of the Indian population, African rhythm-based music, and music brought to the continent from Europe.


Javier Zentner is a composer, arranger and choral director from Buenos Aires, and an expert in Latin American choral repertoire. Werner Pfaff has close cultural ties with South America, where he regularly tours with his choir Studio Vocale. As a German choral director, he knows the challenges that non-Latin singers face with the rhythms and language of this repertoire: La vozlatina gives guidance to help choirs perform the music of the region with style and energy.



Werner Pfaff is director of the choir Studio Vocale Karlsruhe, which has won many prizes at international festivals, and for its broadcasts and recordings. He has, for many years, explored the choral world of South America and, in 2004–2009, was artistic director of the International Choral Festivals in Lima, Peru. He studied piano, composition, conducting, singing and musicology, and now leads workshops, acts as guest director for professional and non-professional choirs, and has been a jury member for several international choral competitions. His regular concert trips with Studio Vocale Karlsruhe to “America Cantat” and other festivals in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, and his frequent invitations of South American choirs to Germany, mean he is very well connected with the Latin American choral scene.


Javier Zentner is a composer, director, lecturer and singer, specializing in choral composition and arranging. He has founded and conducted a large number of vocal ensembles and has been guest director of the National Youth Choir of Buenos Aires. He leads choral workshops and courses about Argentinian choral music around the world and has worked with both academic and popular music: his choral arrangements of Argentinian folk and popular songs have been performed by numerous ensembles in Argentina and other countries. His recordings, for which he has acted both as director-arranger and as creative producer, are widely acclaimed nationally and internationally. He has received many honours and prizes for his work.

14:30h – ESMUC (aula A348) - Institutional

ACDA – Tim Sharp (U.S.A.)​

2017 American Choral Directors Association National Conference

The biennial national conference of the American Choral Director’s Association took place March 8-11, 2017, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Home to top college choral programs and leading ensembles, along with more than 4,000 choirs, Minnesota was the ideal location for the United States’ premier choral conference. The theme for this year’s National Conference was A Life of Song. The conference comprised over 90 performances and 53 educational seminars for the more than 5,000 registered choral directors in attendance, and the additional 10,000 choir members, singers, students, chaperones, industry leaders, audience members, and guests in attendance. Performances took place at four venues in the downtown Minneapolis area: the Minneapolis Convention Center, Orchestra Hall, Central Lutheran Church, and Westminster Presbyterian Church. Tim Sharp, Executive Director of the ACDA presents the performance and educational highlights of ACDA’s most recent conference.



Tim Sharp is Executive Director of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), the world’s largest association of choral conductors, teachers, students, scholars, composers, and choral industry representatives. Dr. Sharp pursues an aggressive agenda of strategic planning and innovative initiatives to keep ACDA energized and relevant in the 21st century. He represents choral activity in the USA as a member of the Board of IFCM, and is Vice-President of Musica International. Sharp appears regularly as a conductor and clinician with recent performances in New York’s Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and abroad in Thailand, Austria, Greece, Italy, Ireland, England, and China. Sharp is in his ninth season as Artistic Director of the Tulsa Oratorio Chorus, Tulsa, Oklahoma, where critics characterize his performances as “impressively polished”, having “stunning power” and “great passion and precision”. In a recent review his conducting was characterized in these words:  “Sharp’s conducting of the orchestra and chorus was crisp and economical, his handling of dynamics from whisper-soft pianissimos to rafter-rattling fortissimos superb.”

14:30h – UPF – Campus Ciutadella (Sala 13.007) – Choral Heritage


European Choral Romantic

The presentation "European Choral Romantic" will give an interesting and colorful insight to the rich repertoire of whole Europe during the so called Romantic period. The German and English tradition is well known worldwide - but have you discovered romantic scores from Scandinavian, theBalticstates, RussiaortheSlaviccountries? Be welcome to discover a new and less-knownrepertoire full of beautifulsounds and musical intensity.



Jan Schumacher (*1980) is Music director of the Goethe-University in Frankfurt as well as the conductor of CamerataMusica Limburg and the Choir of TU Darmstadt. Until 2016 he was professor for choral conducting at the College of Church Music in Rottenburg. Having received his degree in School Music and German from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Jan went on to study Choral Conducting with Wolfgang Schäfer at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. Even as a child and young adult (musical education with the Limburg Cathedral Boys choir and the State Youth Choir of Rhineland-Palatinate), he was fascinated with the activity of group singing, which has remained the main motivation for his manifold activities to this day. With his choirs, he builds extensive repertoires from Gregorian chants to world premieres, from symphonic orchestra to Big Band, and vocal or electronic improvisation.

Jan teaches courses for singers and conductors across Europe, Iceland, Iran, Turkey, Argentina, Venezuela, and the USA. He is co-editor of various choral collections. His role as Vice President of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantant puts him in the wonderful position of being able to intensify the exchange among singers, conductors, and composers further for the benefit of choir music.

14:30h – UPF – Campus Ciutadella (Sala 40.S02) – Educational Projects


L’Escolania de Montserrat

14:30h – UPF AUDITORI – Choral Activities


Presentation Tour Time New Zealand

15:45h – ESMUC (aula A348) - Institutional


Presentation A Cœur Joie International


Founding member of IFCM and ECA – Europa Cantat, À Coeur Joie International is currently present in 15 countries of the French speaking world.It organizes or be partner of different festivals : Choralies in Vaison-la-Romaine, International singing week Choral in the French Alps, Eurochorus in Toulouse, Cal’U in Dakar (Senegal), Africa Cantat in Kinshasa (R.D. Congo). ACJ International in collaboration with IFCM is coordinator of the Conductors sustaining training program in Africa (Conductors without Borders).The Editing House À Coeur Joie consists of about 5000 choral scores.



Thierry Thiébaut. Born in Paris 1947, studied voice and choral singing in a boys choir and in the mixed choir Vent d’Est. He enter the Orchestre de Paris Choir, conducted by prof. Arthur Oldham, as a baryton in 1976. He studied choral conducting with prof. Erwin List and has founded the oratorio choir la Brénadienne in Paris which he conducted for 30 years. Among other countries, his choir participates to many contest an festivals around the world and travelled in different countries : Brazil, Lebanon, Portugal, Scotland, Lithuania, Russia, Germany …He creates in 1999 the A Coeur Joie National Youth Choir, which wins 5 awards at the Arezzo choir competition in 2007 and at the Florilège de Tours in 2016. He is frequently invited as a conductor, a teacher clinician and jury member.President of the À Coeur Joie International Choral federation, he is also IFCM’s Board member and coordinator in Africa of the Conductors Without Borders program. He founded choral federations in French speaking sub-Saharian African countries.

15:45h ESMUC (aula A347) - Publishers


12 Christmas Cantatas for children’s choir, mixed choir and chamber orchestra

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